Rotating Pushup

Rotating Pushup – Make Your Workout Interesting

A pushup is one such exercise which can be performed in a different number of styles and something that is able to target different muscle group of our body. This is the reason for which pushups are regarded as an exercise that leaves a compounded effect on the entire body.

Out of the many different pushup variations , one such variation that is more complex than regular pushup is known as rotating pushup or rotational pushup.

If you believe that standard pushup is no longer challenging, you can gear up to try the advanced version of the pushup, which helps to improve your balance and coordination.

Rotational pushup combines the pushup with a side plank. This exercise helps to improve core strength and flexible upper body. It can be quite advantageous for athletes who require trunk rotation, like in baseball and tennis.

This rigorous workout helps you to attain more musculature core. Rotating push-up has become quite famous in the recent past, and is widely adapted to break the mundane-ness that regular push up has to offer.

Rotating Pushup

The rotating pushup is a two-stage pushup that provides the advantages of a regular push up and a side plank. One is required to perform a rotating movement of the trunk in between the two exercises as a transition movement.

At an initial glance, rotating pushup can appear to be too difficult to perform. However, with the right technique and body posture, one can learn to adapt to the new variation of a pushup easily.

rotational pushup
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In this post, we will discuss the technique involved in performing rotating pushup, the muscles group that this exercise works on, the different benefits that this exercise has to offer, the breathing pattern involved in this exercise and its comparison to the other bodyweight exercises.

Technique For Doing a Rotating Pushup

Moving your body from the pushup position to the side plank position forces the abs to work double time, enhancing its overall ability. This exercise is a challenge for the entire body and also test the sense of balance in it.

In order to rip out full benefits of any exercise, the body posture plays an important role. If your body is not able to maintain the posture required during the exercise, there is no point wasting time and strength in performing the exercise. Rotating pushups are no different.

Even in this exercise, the body form plays an important part.

Following are the few tips that can help you attain the right posture and body positioning.

1. Make sure that the hips do not dip when you rotate yourself in the side plank position. This is important.

2. Try to keep the entire body rigid and your hips in the high position. The core must be tightened up, so the body maintains a straight line.

3. Lastly, ensure that the knees, hips, lumbar spine, shoulders and ankles are all there on the same plane.

Maintaining the correct posture during the range of motion involved in the exercise will help to attain maximum benefits.

Rotating Pushup Range Of Motion

Following are the steps that are involved in performing the range of motion of rotating pushup.

1. Start by getting into the plank position. Place your shoulder above the wrists position and the legs behind you in a straight line. The feet must be kept hip-width apart and ensure that the back of your body is straight.

2. Now start bending your elbows slowly in the outward direction and lower your body down towards the floor. Do not touch your chest against the floor.

3. Maintain the position for a second, before returning back to the up position. As you get in the starting position, continue the movement with motion and get into the side plank position.

4. Now release the right arm and take it up towards the ceiling, performing a diagonal line with your body. Hold the position for a second before returning back to the plank position.

5. Repeat the pushup again, but in the opposite direction and bringing the left arm towards the ceiling, and again returning back to the plank position to complete one repetition.

6. Perform as many repetitions as possible, but with the correct body positioning and posture.

Breathing Pattern during the Movements

The way you breathe will perform workout determines a lot of things and thus must be considered seriously. Proper breathing will ensure that you have more level of energy, which can ultimately determine the number of reps and sets performed by you, at the end of the day.

In rotating pushup, exhale as you lower your body down towards the floor and inhale as you push back, up to the plank position. This will save you energy for pushing your body up, meaning that you can perform that one extra rep, which can make a huge difference in the long run.

Muscles Group Rotational Pushups Work on?

The intent of performing the rotating pushup is to provide the body with an extra amount of challenge, by involving two sets of movements. This variation of the exercise works on your shoulder, chest muscles, triceps, lower back and abdominal muscles.

It provides double workout time to the abs muscles, increasing its overall efficiency immensely. You will feel the strength in your core double time, which will be extremely beneficial in attempting other difficult variations of a traditional push up.

Benefits of Rotating Pushup

There is a number of health benefits which are associated with rotating pushup. To start with, this exercise is known to strengthen the body immensely. Also, this exercise requires a lot of balance and as you keep performing this exercise, you will optimize your coordination and balancing abilities of the body.

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Rotational pushup are also known to be useful in improving your cardiovascular system. So get the act together and give us some rotating pushup. And if all these benefits do not entice you to start working out, we wonder, what will ever.

What Number is enough?

Rotating push-up is a beginner level exercise. However, for beginners, it is important to realize that fact that they need to master the art of standard pushup, before moving ahead to the rotational pushup style.

For people who have mastered the art of regular pushup and feel it is no longer challenging, can try to attempt the rotating pushup. Start by doing 6 – 8 repetition of 1 – 2 sets.

Ensure that you do the perfect pushup with proper posture and body positioning. As you feel comfortable along the way, increase the number of reps and sets gradually. Try doing 12 – 15 reps and 4 sets, at least 3 times a week.

Do not force yourself into anything, just to attain a big number of repetitions. Remember, fewer reps with correct form is more effective than more reps with incorrect form.

If you wish to increase the difficulty level by using dumbbells. Make use of hex dumbbells to provide a stable base when you perform the pushup. Using round dumbbells means that they can roll away and might compromise the form of your body.

Rotating Pushup vs. Regular Pushup

There is no better exercise than regular pushup and as already discussed in another post, regular pushup has a number of benefits to offer. However, the rotating pushup is unique in its own way. It challenges the body in a more physical way, as it is a combination of two different set of motions.

Push up exercise with rotation movements provides a stronger and flexible workout. It is more efficient for people who want to work on their core muscles, arms, chest, and shoulders quickly. Do not forget, the rotating pushup is a power move and works on the body more rapidly and in double time, as compared to standard push up.

Wrapping Up

Rotation movement of the body is quite essential and important for many professional athletes, as this motion is required in various sports. To name a few, tennis and baseball players are supposed to have greater flexibility and balance in their body. Rotating push up helps you to achieve those two essential characteristics.

Rotating push-up is an efficient way to lose some unwanted fat quickly, because of the unique range of motion involved in it. This exercise is also a great way to eliminate monotonous-ness in your push up regime and to help train your different body muscles.

This guide of rotational push up has all the information that one might need to attempt a proper set of a rotational push up perfectly. So go on, get your floor mat, put on your shoes and PJ’s and get somebody rotation going. And within a week or two, you will feel the difference in your body yourself.

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