spiderman Pushup

Spiderman Pushup- Yet Another Superhuman Exercise

Push-ups are a critical factor in any fitness routine. Not only they strengthen your arms and enhance your upper body and back, but all they require is an exercise mat with a few minutes of your time.

But doing the same regular push-ups can become mundane sometimes. Thus it is always a good time to add some new variations to it.

Spiderman pushup is one such variation to the regular push up, which adds to the hip flexion. As the name resembles, rather than climbing up on the wall, it is done down on the floor.

It is an excellent fitness routine to follow, which incorporates an oblique crunch and enhances the hip mobility.

Metaphorically, Spiderman pushups fall into the superhero fitness regime.

Spiderman Push Up

Spiderman push-up is an excellent bodyweight exercise that works on your arm, chest, and shoulders. It engages the core and is more beneficial for swimmers, cyclists, and runners. It mainly impacts the deltoids, triceps and pectoral muscles. It involves a leg movement which is more like a lower ab crunch.

To expand the repertoire, you can certainly include the Spiderman push up in your daily routine and get the maximum out of your workouts.

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Technique – How to Master The Perfect Spiderman Pushup:

The Spiderman push up will increase the movement through your hips and will provide the core a good challenge. It might look fancy and exciting to do, but executing the Spiderman push up is not as easy as it seems.

Following are the steps you need to do, to perform the right Spiderman push up.

1. Start with a plank position, just like you do for regular push-ups. Make sure, your hands fall beneath the shoulder, and your body is perfectly aligned in a straight line.

2. As you bend your upper body and lower it towards the floor, make sure to fold your left knee so that it comes in contact with your left elbow.

3. Take a pause in the same position and count to ten. After the count, straighten the arms and recover the left knee back to the initial plank position.

4. Now you can perform the same steps with your right knee and right elbow. You can continue interchanging the sides, for as many reps as possible.

5. The entire sequence from left knee and elbow to right knee and elbow – makes one repetition.

It is important to remember that, you keep the spine neutral and in line during the exercise. Also, make sure that your knees are kept high and firm as you initiate the workout sequence.

Co-ordination is extremely important in this push-up, as it puts extra stress on the core. So breathe while doing it and don’t let the knee touch the floor.

Benefits of Spiderman Pushup

An effective chest and arm exercise

Spiderman pushup increases the strength in your arms and chest. In this workout, your arm and chest bear the maximum load, and the exercise makes them work harder. While shifting your knee forward, you shift your body weight, meaning that your muscles and body needs to get adjusted to the new position.

As it involves more muscle movements as compared to other calisthenics exercises, it strengthens your muscles more quickly and provides a lot of resistance to your total body.

After building the necessary strength required through the regular push up, you can try performing the Spiderman push up. Try 6-8 repetitions for 3-4 sets each day. Continue the workout for 3 days a week, and gradually increase the repetitions as well as the sets.
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Since you provide stability to yourself with only three points of contact, and as you keep moving the knee – it means that your abdominals and core needs to provide more support.

Thus it provides more rigidness to your core muscles. It also provides strength and enhances your lower abs. This is because of the continuous knee movement towards the elbow.

Strengthening the Muscles By Spiderman Pushup

Spiderman pushup primarily focuses on the pectoral muscles. If followed and performed with care, it provides strength to your deltoids and triceps. An excellent upper and back body workout, it engages your core and enhances it. It also works on your shoulder, upper and middle back, oblique, chest and arm. It is an excellent variation to be added to your fitness routine, to avoid boredom. It helps you to burn a lot of calories in a very short period. It enhances your hip flexibility incredibly and improves the core as well.

Dos and Don’ts with Spiderman Pushup

1. Do perform partial reps initially. If you are not able to get your knee to touch the elbow, start by bringing it to the hip position and then gradually increase the distance.

2. Do make sure that the body forms a straight line and is perfectly aligned. Your body should be in a straight form, from your head and shoulders to your hip and knees.

3. Do pressing away from the ground up. Spread your shoulder at the top of the move. This will help your scapula from going inward and engages the shoulder more to provide better stability and strength.

4. Don’t drop the hip. Try keeping it stable throughout or else it’d put pressure on the lower back. Keep the pressure on your spine and keep the glutes squeezed.

5. Don’t forget to breathe in and out. You must make sure that you breathe in, as you move lower towards the floor and breathe out, as you move push up back. It will help you perform a few more reps.

6. Don’t force it. Give it time. Perform them slowly and correctly, to be more impactful. Doing it faster and inaccurately, won’t do any good to your body.

spiderman Pushup
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Frequency of Spiderman Push up

Spiderman pushup is a variation of a regular pushup. For a Beginner, you must always start with standard pushup and build up your way to different variations. Try these variations only if you feel comfortable doing it. If you feel you have the core strength and the rigid muscle to execute these variations, you can certainly give them a try.

For a beginner, push your knee to the hip level and then gradually increase the distance to your elbow. It is recommended, not to push hard in the initial stages of the workout.

After building the necessary strength required through the regular push up, you can try performing the Spiderman push up. Try 6-8 repetitions for 3-4 sets each day. Continue the workout for 3 days a week, and gradually increase the repetitions as well as the sets.

For advanced level athletes, perform 10-12 repetitions five days a week. You will have amazing core strength, deeper and wider ab muscles with strong forearms. You can even try different variations in Spiderman push up, by using putting some weight on your back.

Challenge Yourself with Spiderman Pushup Variations

Increase the intensity of the Spiderman workout, if you don’t feel exhausted doing it. You can increase the difficulty level by adding a go-ahead element to it.

The Spider Crawl or the Walking Spiderman Pushup

It usually follows the same technique, but you also move forward while switching your knees. It is more challenging than the normal Spiderman Push up and engages your shoulder, chest, glutes, arms, and quadriceps. However, performing the spider crawl will require more space and floor area.

Apart from that, to make spiderman pushup more challenging you can either add extra weight using a weight belt or try elevating your feet like in decline pushup.

How to Master The Perfect Spiderman Pushup
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Spiderman Pushup vs. Superman Pushup

Both of these push-ups are extremely difficult. In Spiderman Push up, you are supposed to touch one of the knees to the elbow. In Superman Push up , you are supposed to push yourself from the floor up in the air – keeping your entire body in line and stable.

Both these variations of push up require an immense amount of strength in your core and abdominal muscles. Yes, these workouts are highly rewarding – but it requires a lot of patience and endurance to perform it correctly.

Superman pushup and Spiderman pushup – more or less works on the same muscle groups for upper body strength. They help in strengthening the core while enhancing the shoulders, back, glutes, oblique and your forearms.

You need to make sure that you’re breathing properly while performing these workout. Proper breathe in and breathe out helps you to perform extra repetition, thus providing better results quality. So don’t let these workouts get mundane. Try this variation and get into the superhero mode.

Wrapping Up

Spiderman push-ups demand a higher level of coordination and balance while putting extra stress on the core. Thus, ensure to engage your lower ab and back muscles. Breathe in as you go down and breathe out as push up.

Higher oxygen levels while giving you more stability and strength to perform the push up for a longer period. Initially try doing 3-4 reps and if comfortable, gradually increase the reps.

The Spiderman push up is considered to be more fruitful for swimmers, cyclists, and runners. So if you are of one those, then it is highly recommended to try it out.

It is not like it will turn you into a superhero or something, but it will definitely help you to tone up your physique levels. Also, remember that quality is always better than quantity. Do it slowly but correctly.

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