Renegade Row Pushup

Renegade Row Pushup For Stronger Back, Core And Chest

Pushup can be combined with many exercises to give a unique combination of movement, which works more effectively on your body. Row renegade is one such exercise which has been quite popular among fitness fanatics. It offers a wide range of benefits that includes back strength, core stability, and total fitness workout.

However, when this versatile movement is combined with pushup called as renegade row push up , it offers high intensity, increased metabolic activity that not only helps to burn fat faster but also improves the overall body fitness.

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Row renegade when combined along with pushup, has a plethora of benefits to offer. Adding this two movements in one metabolic movement increases the efficiency of your workout and also enables fitness fanatics to gain access to the number of different benefits that it has to offer.

Renegade row pushup is one of the best ways to hammer the entire body in one movement. It is a compounded movement that works on every muscle group of the body, to increase its performance and reduce chances of any injuries.

Renegade Row Pushup

The list of bodyweight core exercises is ever growing, and at the same time, other styles like sit-ups and crunches are falling out of order. As a matter of fact, even the regular high plank seems to plunge in demand and fading in popularity.

But the exercise which is able to offer excellent body challenge and strength is gaining more popularity among the beasts. One such exercise, that offers great challenge and strength to your body, is dumbbell row combined with a pushup style . And it is absolutely fun to do.

In this post, we will discuss the technique involved in attempting the renegade row push up correctly, the muscle group this exercise works on, benefits of the renegade row pushup, who and how much it should be done and its comparison to other pushup variation.

How to Perform a Renegade Row Pushup Correctly?

Correct Body Form

Since this exercise is a combination of two movements, body positioning, and correct form becomes even more important. Following are the steps that explain the perfect body form required for pushup with renegade row.

1. To perform a renegade row pushup, you can make use of kettlebell or dumbbell. Place the dumbbells on the floor and about shoulder-width apart. They should be just outside the line of your chest.

2. Now place each hand on top of the dumbbells, with your palms facing in, such that the weights are parallel.

3. Now get your body in the high plank position with your hands and legs fully stretched out, behind you.

4. Maintain a close distance in between your feet. The closer the feet are, the harder will be the move to perform. But, while progressing to renegade row pushup keep the feet farther than the shoulder width so that you don’t rotate your upper body while lifting the dumbbells or the kettlebells.

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Proper Technique

This will be your starting position. Once you have set yourself right, next comes the technique which will allow you to perform the movements correctly. Following are the steps in performing the renegade row pushup correctly.

1. From the start position, that is the high plank position, perform a pushup by lowering the chest slowly towards the floor.

2. Once in the bottom position, push the body back to the starting position, as you would do in a regular pushup.

3. After completing the pushup, you should again be in the top position. Now row one dumbbell up to the side, moving your elbow up towards the ceiling.

4. Put the weight down on the floor and perform another rep of pushup. After the pushup is completed, row the other dumbbell, to the other side.

5. Do not shrug your shoulder when you perform the row movement. Also, as you row, do not rotate sideways. Maintain a straight line all the time and keep your core engaged throughout the movement.

Breathing Pattern Involved in Renegade Row Pushup

Breathe in as you lower your body down towards the floor. During the row motion, breathe in as you pull the dumbbell up on the side and breathe out as you push it down on the floor again. While going back to the pushup position, breathe out as you get yourself back to the start position that is the high plank pose. Take care of breathing, it will help you save energy and weight that you need to push, during a pushup.

Muscle Group Renegade Row Pushup Works on

Renegade row pushup is a total body workout which leaves a compounded effect on your entire body. The primary muscle group that this works on are the chest, abdominals, and rhomboids.

The secondary muscle that this exercise works on is the front of the shoulders, biceps, triceps, obliques, and back. To get full benefits of the exercise, it must the performed in the correct form and in the manner described above.

Benefits of Row Renegade Pushup

The movements involved in this exercise has a bunch of benefits to offer for a fitness fanatics, who does it correctly. Following are the benefits that it has to offer.

1. For someone who wants to lose fat and calories, this high-intensity exercise falls into the right category for you to achieve it.

2. It also helps people improve their sprinting, sporting and weightlifting abilities. It puts pressure on the core, back, legs and arms creating an overall effect that helps to burn calories faster than normal.

3. This movement works on the joint muscles and enhances the flexibility. It also improves the speed and reflexes at which the body moves and reacts.

4. It enhances and increases core strength by multifold, as you are required to keep your core engaged throughout the exercise.

5. It increases the stamina in your body, which can help you perform another difficult move with relative ease. This exercise is great for a weightlifter, who needs an extra level of stamina to be able to pull the high amount of weights.

If these benefits don’t motivate you to get some row renegade pushup going, it is time for you to sit down and revise your goals about your fitness.

Renegade Row Pushup
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Who should do it and how much is enough?

This exercise is clearly a no for beginners. For beginners, simply try performing the regular pushup and other beginners level push up variation , which is described in our other post.

Do not attempt this exercise, simply because it looks cool and you want to flaunt in front of that girl you like. Take our advice, or you might end up hurting yourself.

For intermediate level, try 1 – 2 sets of 6 – 8 reps. Start with a low dumbbell weight. It is important that you first get used to the range of motion.

This exercise is a combination of two movements, and this will not be simple to start with. Slowly and gradually increase the weight as you start to feel comfortable with it.

For advanced level, try doing 2 – 4 sets of 8 – 10 reps. Also focus on the form, rather than looking for a big number of reps. You can also increase the intensity by adding extra weight around the waist, using a weight belt and then perform the exercise.

Row Renegade Pushup vs. Regular Pushup

Row renegade pushup is a combination of a regular pushup with row movement. It is common sense to realize that row renegade pushup is more difficult and tough in comparison to regular pushup style.

It offers all the benefits that regular pushup has to offer, in addition to the benefits inherited from the row benefits.

The benefits of this exercise have been already discussed in the section above and they are absolutely fantastic. Your body will feel stronger and stable because of stronger core muscles, once you incorporate this exercise into your daily routine.

And if you do not feel any difference, know that there is something that you are doing completely wrong.

Wrapping Up

If you are tired performing the same set of regular pushup day in and day out, the row renegade pushup is an efficient way to break the ice and process your body with a new set of movements, increasing its range of motion and flexibility.

Do not force yourself if your body is not able to cope with the pressure and high intensity involved in this exercise. Consult an expert if you feel the strain in your shoulder joints and other muscle and immediately stop doing it.

But if you feel comfortable with it, there is no reason for you not to try it and turn your body into that of a beast. If you have any question, feel free to reach out to us in the section below and keep spreading the word about the awesomeness that renegade row pushup has to offer.

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