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Plank Pushup

Plank Pushup – For Stronger Core And Upper Body

Plank pushup is a combination of two different exercise. The Plank and the Pushups. It combined the shoulder and back workout of pushups, with the core workout exercise of a plank.

Certainly, it is an exercise to include in your fitness routine. It provides benefits of two different workouts in one while saving time and effort. Use this abdominal exercise to intensify your fitness routine and get your physical abilities to the next level.

Plank push-ups are simple, yet effective to get your body in shape and build some core strength. It is also known by the name of plank push-ups combo and plank to pushup exercise.

This bodyweight exercise enhances your flexibility, body control, and resilience. It can be incorporated into your full body exercise.

Plank Pushup

The hybrid body movements performed during the workout is a great way to get the body used to high tension. It increases your flexibility to attempt other exercises like the deadlift and the pull-ups.

The plank pushup works as a progression towards intense exercises. It just doesn’t enhance your trunk abilities, but you can also learn the technique to maintain proper balance and control over the body.

In this segment, we will learn about the techniques involved in attempting the plank push up, the benefits of the exercise, how you can make it easier and a little more challenging – depending upon your strength feasibility and the major muscles group that this exercise involves.

How to get the technique right while combining two different exercise?

It becomes exponentially difficult to maintain correct form and technique after combining two different exercises and perform it as one.

And it is certainly going to be a trouble if you are not able to attempt the proper plank and regular push-ups individually.

However, to ensure you know the right form and technique – here are the steps to be considered for the plank push up. You can also add this exercise to your daily routine.

There is no harm performing the exercise 10 to 15 minutes for five times a week. It is a relatively low-intensity workout.

1. Begin with the elbow plank position. Slowly get your hands straight such that your palms must be pressing the floor and your toes must support your lower body.

Your body must maintain a straight line from your lower back to your toes, at this position.

2. From the high plank position rather than bending your elbows like in regular pushups, slowly lower the arm until the elbow, and the forearm is resting on the floor.

Now, get the second arm down and slowly rest the elbow and forearm on the floor.

3. Now you must be in the initial plank position. Try holding the position for a second or two and then return to the push-up position again. This must be done one arm at a time.

4. Repeat the same procedure to perform repetitions as many as required.

Depending on your strength feasibility, the exercise can be made easier and difficult as required. If you don’t have the necessary strength requirement, start with the knee position as opposed to on your toes.

Slowly work on the movements and get back on your toes.

The difficult version of the exercise will be discussed later in the article.

Benefits of Plank pushup – Two in One

The plank push-ups is a combinational exercise and thus includes various benefits for the upper body- because of this combinational movements. The plank exercise gives a lot of core strength.

Any exercise where the core is used is efficient in many ways. The core is the foundation stone of your body and is required for all kinds of exercises and movements.

A powerful core is essential for athletes of different regimens. The plank movements also enhance your range of motion, which is useful to attempt other bodyweight exercises.

On the other hand, push-ups known for their ability to work on multiple muscles. Thus it is often referred as the exercise that enhances your multiple joints at the same time. It increases strength in your pectoral muscles, triceps, abdominals, deltoids, chest muscle, and shoulders.

This exercise can be performed anywhere because they practically do not require any fancy equipment and weights. This exercise will also help to increase your body balance abilities.

So if you have a tight schedule and want to squeeze more exercises into your fitness routine, attempt the plank push-ups, and perform a unique combinational exercise.

Sets and Reps

For beginners who find the plank position difficult to hold, can start with the knee position plank. Slowly progress towards the full plank position.

You can start by attempting 2 – 3 sets of 6 – 8 repetitions and gradually increase your way forward.

For intermediate level, having the stability and strength, attempt the full plank position for 2-3 sets of 10 – 12 repetitions. Once you get comfortable with the movements, move towards the more difficult variation of the exercise.

For advanced level athletes, you can even incorporate the exercise into your daily fitness routine and attempt as many sets and repetitions as possible.

The only thing to be careful about is the form and the posture of the body. Do less, but do it right.

Muscles used in Plank Pushup

The combo exercise targets numerous muscles group in your body. The abdominal muscle, chest, triceps, and shoulders.

Due to the uniqueness of the range of motion provided by this exercise, the human body gets benefited additionally. It enhances the lower back, stronger core and to a certain extent, the hip flexors.

It reforms the ability of shoulders and increases its mobility as well. If the exercise is performed withhold duration (20 to 30 seconds) in between transitional movements, it resembles the effect of intense cardio exercise.

Dos and Don’ts of Plank Pushup

Better be safe than being vulnerable

1. Keep your hand’s shoulder width apart and maintain a straight line from the lower body to knees.

2. If you attempt the exercise at the start of your fitness routine, get loosen up properly for 5 – 10 minutes. It is important.

3. Try the knee formation initially if you lack the core strength. Attempt the difficult versions as you build strength and momentum in the exercise.

4. Don’t attempt the exercise, if you have any kind of shoulder injury. Consult the experts before including the exercise in your fitness routine.

Challenge yourself – Include variations in plank pushup

To increase the intensity of this relatively simpler bodyweight exercise, you can try to include variations. These variations can be really effective to keep you energized throughout your fitness routine.

Some of the variations that can be tried with plank pushups are as follows.

1. To make the exercise difficult, you can perform 2 – 3 pushups, after transitioning into the pushup position. This will increase the arm strength considerably at a faster rate.

2. Another variation requires you to hold the plank and pushup position for 10 – 15 seconds before transitioning into the next movement.

3. You can also try the close hand position or diamond shape position with your hands – to increase the stress on the shoulders and the triceps.

4. Adding a weight belt and elevating the feet to a decline pushup position are also very effective in making plank pushup even more challenging.

The above-discussed variations are for the people who feel comfortable with normal plank push-ups. You can attempt the easier variation, discussed in the previous segments if you do not feel comfortable with it.

Plank pushup vs. Standard Pushup and The Plank

Which is more effective?

It is simple. It basically saves you a lot of time. Rather wasting your energy and time on two different exercise, simply combine it into one and save time and effort. This is useful for the people who do not have a lot of time to spend on the fitness routine, yet desires of strong muscular strength.

For such people, plank push-ups are the most effective and efficient exercise to be involved in their fitness regime. Doing them individual will get you the same muscular abilities, as doing it together will.

Wrapping Up

A rather simpler exercise that will help you build strength and intensity for the other difficult versions of bodyweight exercise. Attempting this exercise has a lot of benefits, as discussed above, and to add to it, you can perform it anywhere, anytime.

I would rather call it a time saver – core and shoulder builder exercise. All you need to have is the right technique and a floor mat to master the art of plank push-ups.

A lot of people make excuses for not having the right amount of time to exercise. Well, here it is! The time-saving option, with a bunch of benefits – that can actually be squeezed into your tight schedule.

If this doesn’t motivate you to exercise, not sure if anything will ever do. So get your PJ’s and the floor mat. Go, and start reaping out the benefits of this fantastic exercise.