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Hindu Pushup- Creates The Strength You Always Desired

Hindu pushup is believed to have its roots originated from India. Hindu pushups resemble a lot with a hugely popular exercise performed by Indian wrestlers. And thus, the exercise have its name as the Hindu push-ups.

Hindu pushup provide better strength and endurance to the muscles. It is a complete exercise that gives the body a compounded effect. It provides better flexibility and posture to the body.

This calisthenics workout is not easy, but at the time same they aren’t as difficult as other variations of standard push up. It helps to connect your body to the mind and keeps the entire body active all the time.

It is one of the better alternatives for the regular pushup and doesn’t let the fitness routine become mundane.

Hindu Pushup

Hindu pushup is one exercise, where the body performs both eccentric and concentric contractions. This eccentric and concentric movement separates the Hindu push-ups from the rest. Hindu pushups allow your body for better muscle development and stronger joints.

A comprehensive exercise that works on your joints and increases the mobility of your body. It provides assistance in increasing flexibility, body posture and cardiovascular health.

It is a fantastic and true workout for all the athletes – as it works on all the muscles, an athlete might be concerned of.

In this segment, we will discuss the technique involved in attempting Hindu push up, the benefits of the exercise, and it’s comparison to other body weight exercises.

Technique to perform and master the art Hindu push-ups

Hindu push-ups don’t require as much core strength that one might require for other variations like handstand push up and superman push-ups. Though it doesn’t mean that it is quite simple to accomplish. No exercise will be of any importance, if not performed with proper technique.

This is a compound exercise so make sure you do some sort of stretching exercises at the very start of your fitness routine. Stretching of muscle increases the fluidity of body and loosen your muscles.

Steps To Perform Hindu Pushup

1. Get in the standard pushup position, by placing the hands shoulder width apart and knees touching the ground. Keep the feet hip width apart with a flat back. If you’re a beginner, keep them at a distance.

For advanced level, you can try to get them as close as possible to increase the difficulty and intensity.

2. Once in the start position, raise your butt up in the air. Keep your arms, back, and legs in a straight position. In this position, your body will form an inverted V, or an upside-down V. This will be the starting position to perform reps.

3. Breathe in. Before continuing the movements, inhale deeply. As you breathe in, starting bending the elbow outward and lower the chest to the floor. Your butt should be more in level with the floor, but still a little high.

4. While your chest closes towards the floor, scoop your head upwards, while arching the upper and lower back. At this point, take care of your breathing pattern which is discussed below.

5. Once you have performed the scooping, arching and upward motion movements, straighten your arm, lift the torso and look upward. At this point, your butt will be down to the floor, but yet not touching it.

6. Return to your starting position and repeat the movements.

Benefits of Hindu push-ups

This variation of regular pushup stabilizes and strengthen your joints. It is a combination of two yoga poses, namely upward facing the dog and downward facing dog position. Doing both of these movements increase spine flexibility. Thus making you less prone to injuries.

It provides a compounded effect by working on the upper and lower body at the same time. This is due to the concentric and eccentric range of motion. This push-ups work on every corner and muscles of your body.

The muscles that Hindu pushup enhance are – deltoids, erector spine, abdominals, hamstrings chest muscles and many other smaller muscles in the upper and lower body.

So if you have any sort of flexibility issues, then Hindu push-ups is must for you and can certainly be accomplished.

Breathing pattern – It is important

Unlike in most other exercises, the breathing pattern is opposite when it comes to Hindu push-ups. Instead of breathing out while pushing, you must breathe in. Inhale as you slowly move from the downward dog position to the upward dog position.

Relax the neck and spine, engage your core and open up the shoulders to perform smooth and effective Hindu push-ups.

Should you include the Hindu Pushup in your routine?

Yes, incorporate this versatile exercise into your exercise routine. It will provide you the flexibility which will assist you to accomplish other intense exercises.

If you’re a beginner, start by practicing the upward and downward dog positions. Perform this position until you feel comfortable doing it. Smooth and fluid movement of the body is extremely crucial when it comes to accomplishing Hindu push-ups.

For intermediate, who feel comfortable doing the movements, perform 2 – 3 sets of 8 – 10 repetitions. Include this with your full body workout and increase the flexibility of the body.

For advanced level, perform 2 – 3 sets of 12 – 15 repetitions. The more, the better. It works on the entire body, so keep performing and increasing your flexibility.

Muscle Group Hindu Pushup works on

The muscles that get a proper training from Hindu push-ups are the pectoral muscle, the deltoids, abdominals, glutes, triceps, erector spine, latissimus dorsi, and the hamstrings. Because of the eccentric and concentric nature of the exercise, it works on the lower and the upper body simultaneously.

It helps you increase the flexibility and enhances your ability to perform other exercises like deadlift and bench press more effectively.

The compounded effect of this exercise is beneficial for the entire body and hence followed in big numbers all over the world. Hindu Pushup also makes use of the shoulder and thus increases its strength capacity.

Make Hindu Pushup a little more intense – Put on some weight

Like with most another exercise, doing the same fitness routine can get mundane. You know longer feel the intensity and energy levels can drop down considerably.

This happens because you have accomplished the exercise comfortably and there isn’t anything that challenges you anymore. And thus boredom sweeps in your fitness routine making it mundane.

This is where you should increase the difficulty level and try to make the exercise more intense. The more challenging it becomes, the more effort one tries to put in.

It will also help you keep the energy level high, ultimately having a positive effect on your muscular strength. To make the Hindu push-up little more intense, you can put on a weight belt and then perform the exercise.

It will increase the load on your core, and thus increasing the resistance power of the body.

Hindu Push-ups vs. Bench Press

Hindu push-ups can be more superior as compared to bench press. It provides more benefits and flexibility than the bench press exercise. This is due to the following reasons.

1. It manipulates the entire region of the body, thus thrusting more pressure on the chest. The more the pressure on the chest, the better are the results. Increase in load creates more muscular strength.

2. Bodyweight exercise like Hindu push-ups, are a better way of connecting mind with muscles and thus works on the target muscles a little better.

3. Also, in bodyweight exercise, you don’t need to use any external weight. All you need to have is an exercise mat and the motivation to improve. The more motivated you are, the better will be the results.

4. Hindu pushups also keep you less injury prone. This is because of the flexibility it provides to the body. Better flexibility enhances your load carrying capabilities and reduces chances of external injuries.

Wrapping up

Hindu push-ups are extremely effective because of their eccentric and concentric nature. Your body gets involved in both motions simultaneously thus increasing the overall strength and flexibility in your body. It is a fantastic option for athletes who want to build muscular strength in less amount of time.

Attempting this exercise is a good way to increase flexibility and range of motion in your body. This also remains a great exercise to lose some weight and get your body toned up.

So if you are someone, who feels the regular push up are quite simple and are looking to create some strength, effective postures, power, better movements, and stability – Hindu push up is definitely recommended to be incorporated in your fitness routine.

It can also be used a progression exercise towards a more difficult version of the conventional pushup, like pike push-up. So don’t wait, buckle up and have some fun with the Hindu pushups.

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