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aztec pushup

Aztec PushUp- The Toughest Of Them All

People leave no stone unturned when it comes to losing weight, gain muscles and strength. But nothing can be gained if you are not willing to put efforts and desire to achieve it.

Weight loss is not a piece of cake and indeed requires a lot of grit and resilience. And if you claim to have courage and resilience in yourself, Aztec push up can certainly test the limits you’re willing to cross.

The Aztec push up is an elite calisthenics move that requires you to explode and get airborne. It is reckoned to be one of the toughest push-ups in the fitness regime and requires great coordination between the senses of the body.

It is a pure act of balancing. If you cannot balance your body, you simply cannot perform the Aztec push-up.

Aztec PushUp

Plyometric is a concept that can be employed in your fitness routine. When this concept is mixed with push-ups, they become more challenging, the Aztec pushup is one such plyometric push-up. The Aztec pushup involves you to explode through in the air, by pushing your hands hard onto the floor.

As you explode, your hands and chest come flying off the floor and gets you completely airborne.

This push up is initiated like any other regular push up variation. But as and when you get airborne, you’re required to touch the hands to your toes. After which you quickly get your hands straight and feet back and take a fall, to get back in the starting position.

How to do Aztec push-ups- The toughest of all?

It is a plyometric bodyweight exercise that needs explosive strength and agility in the body. If you don’t have the flexibility in your body, it is not possible to perform Aztec push-ups. It is recommended to try other variations like Spiderman push up or superman push up, before attempting Aztec push-ups.

However, if you have the strength and burning desire in yourself, following are the steps to perform the Aztec push-up.

1. The position for Aztec push up is no different than the standard push up. Keep your hands beneath the shoulder and ensure that your shoulders and hip fall into a straight line. Keeping your entire body aligned is really crucial in any workout. And Aztec push-ups are certainly no different.

2. Push the floor hard and rise up and above as you do in regular push-ups. But instead of going down immediately, you need to rise a bit more than normal.

3. Once you feel you no longer can rise, you need to take a leap of faith and be completely airborne.

4. Meanwhile, in the air, try to bend yourself and touch your toes with the hands. However, you need to ensure that your legs are straight while you are touching the toes with the hands.

5. All this needs to happen quickly, as in no time you will be back to your original position. And if not done quickly and precisely, you might fall face flat on the surface. Also missing some teeth.

To not to hurt your face or other parts of the body, try the Aztec push up on a soft mat or on a carpet.

10 Steps to Aztec Pushup

As mentioned above, Aztec Pushup is the most difficult pushup variation. So is the progression. The best progression requires you to master ten other pushup variations before you could attempt the Aztec Pushups.

We recommend you not to move towards the next variation until you’ve mastered the previous one.

1. Regular pushup

2. Explosive pushup

3. Full range pushup

4. Alternate knee tap

5. Alternate shoulder tap

6. Air Shoulder Tap

7. Knee Tap

8. Frog Pull Step

9. Frog Knee Touch Step

10. Standing Toe Touch

11. Aztec Pushup

Benefits of Aztec Pushup

An effective chest and triceps exercise

Aztec push-ups are considered as the toughest push up out there. There isn’t anything that will beat the difficulty level of an Aztec push-up. Not even Superman push up. And as the difficulty level rises, the rewards for it also increases.

It will give you steel like a chest muscles. Your chest will be fully pumped up, and the abdominal muscles will be even deeper and stronger. You will certainly see the triceps improved and your deltoids will get enhanced to a whole new level.

It will provide excellent flexibility to your hip muscle, and lower back will be more strengthen. But it is not a child’s play, to get going with the Aztec push-ups. Hundreds of hours of practice, a lot of sweat and an incredible amount of patience is required to achieve it all.

Should You Do Aztec Pushup?

It is insane, and it is intense. Just a little bit of error on your side will get you bedridden for days, if not months. It is the most intense workout that you can think of.

You not only get airborne in it but also try to bend yourself and touch the toes with your hands. I mean, what could be more difficult than this?

Putting your entire body on the line is tough. And don’t even try to do it, if you are a newbie. If you desire to get your body in tone and flaunt some abs and back muscles, don’t even think of doing it. Aztec push up will get you bedridden, and your dream will always be a dream.

Even if you’re at an intermediate level, it is still advisable to not to try it. There are other variations of push-ups which can be tried out safely. But not the Aztec push-up.

Aztec push-ups are solely for the fitness fanatics and the pros. The one who has been in the fitness regime for a long period of time, and have gained a lot of strength in the process. The Aztec push up is for such people.

It is for the one, who knows what they are doing and take this as a challenge – may be to get a tick on their bucket list.

Crossing the Aztec push up of the list is no joke, and certainly, not everyone’s to be claimed.

Dos and Don’ts – Better to be safe than vulnerable

1. Breathe as you do it. The more you breathe in and breathe out, the higher will be the energy level.

2. Make sure your body remains in a straight line. Also, ensure you do it on a softer surface if you fall face flat – at least you won’t get much hurt.

3. As discussed above, don’t try it if you are at a beginner’s level. Even if you’re at an intermediate level, it is not recommended.

4. Don’t force the issue. Do it slowly and steadily. Ensure your safety first. It won’t matter if you get yourself bedridden. Challenge Yourself – Do Variations

Aztec push up in itself can be quite challenging. If you can perform the normal Aztec push-up, you certainly have achieved a lot in the fitness routine. But when at times it starts to feel a little monotonous, you can always add little variations to it.

To make it more insane and intense than it already is, you can include a clapping part in your Aztec push-up. The clap comes into effect just before you go down on the floor. If you feel you’re up for taking a challenge than you go ahead and try it out.

Aztec Pushup vs. Superman Pushup

Both of this push up requires an incredible amount of strength in the core. In both of this exercises, you are required to get airborne, and then gravity pulls you back.

These variations of regular pushups are extremely dangerous, and precautions must be taken while performing them. Safety measures are really important for this workouts.

Superman pushup mainly works on the ab muscle and oblique. Whereas, Aztec pushups primarily focuses on the chest and triceps region of the upper body. However, both of these will ensure that you have a stronger core.

It will keep you active during your old age and will fill you up with great energy levels.

If you don’t have the necessary core strength required to perform these push-ups, don’t force yourself just because someone else can do it. It is important to understand, that different people have different physical abilities and thus can do something that you cannot do.

Give it time, build towards what is required to reach those levels and then perform it.

Wrapping up

The Aztec push up is reckoned to be one of the toughest body weight exercises in the fitness regime. Try some different variations of regular pushups before attempting an Aztec push-up.

You need to ensure you have the necessary upper body strength and power to attempt it. Getting airborne and bending yourself halfway in the air might sound fascinating, but it is not that simple.

Build towards it step by step. Supervision and safety measures are essential for Aztec pushups. Knowing the right technique is a must. If you do not take care of the essentials required for Aztec push-up, then you might find yourself bedridden for months.

But once you ace it, the rewards of it are like no other. You will have a powerful chest, triceps and deeper ab muscle. Don’t let it elude you, keep working towards it and then humbly claim it to be thru.