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Know Your Body Fat Type, How To Target That Easily

One of the inducements for the sadness of our life has always been our body fat. There is no silver bullet to get rid of the body fat either, except consuming lesser calories than we are burning throughout the day. Although this remedy of body fat reduction works almost always, but this should not be practiced without experts’ supervision.

With a desire to get rid of the body fat, we fabricate different diets and ways, but without proper knowledge of what body fat are we targeting these approaches may just fail. Yes! That is correct. One specific diet or an exercise routine can’t answer all types of body fat. Six parts of the body are majorly known to have stored the body fat that we are going to discuss how to specifically target that today.

So, without wasting any more time let’s discuss what the major body fat types are and how to target that specifically.

Yes, you read well.

Full Upper Body Fat

What lead to this type of body fat is consuming more calories than you actually can burn. So the conclusion is that instead of lying and twisting in bed like a landed balloon, you should find the proportion between your consumption of calories and daily activities.

There can be two approaches to get rid of the full upper body fat:

Once you know how many calories you are consuming each day,

a. you can calculate how many calories you’ll have to burn. You can Use many online calculators to understand the calories that each food item is providing you. Or

b. you can just reverse the whole thing. Like, if you know the number of calories that you are burning each day start consuming slightly lesser calories than that. And that should do.

Ok, so let’s talk about the first remedy. To achieve this, you can add aerobics, swimming or even jogging to your routine. If that looks difficult, then you can simply do brisk walking or even be cycling. Just 30 minutes of any of these exercises should be enough to bring you closer towards your goal of losing upper body fat. And not just losing the body fat exercise is always good for health. And it makes you feel good too.

Eating clean is the second approach and should be a priority. Now, what does eating clean mean? Ok, eating clean means merely balancing all kind of macro and micronutrients in your diet, not just consuming fries and burgers, pizzas and cakes, etc.

Include veggies and fruits in your diet that not only provides you fiber but also adds variety to your food. Add nuts and seeds along with it.

In the way of elimination of this type of body fat is forgetting on drinks with processed sugar. These types of drinks not to just accumulate unwanted calories that result in body fat but also they impact badly on your health by destroying your bones and ligaments.

My suggestion, Stick to water, It’s calorie free.

In my opinion, anyone who is looking to lose upper body fat should choose both of the approaches mentioned above for faster and better results.

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Lower Body Fat

The main reason for lower body fat is skipping breakfast. This is understood, we are all living busy lives. Everyone is in a hurry especially in the morning time, because everyone has to prepare for their schools, colleges, and offices. We got no time for a healthy breakfast. Usually, all we do in the morning is multitasking, and that also includes breakfast. There are two primary benefits of breakfast:

First, you can eat anything for breakfast without thinking about its caloric value because you have an entire day to burn those calories.

Second, the breakfast helps us to go through the day by supplying us with enough energy. If we do not eat in the morning, we will feel exhausted during the day. Doing that, we also send a message to our body that there is some starvation period going on, and our body starts accumulating reserves.

Another way to get rid of lower body fat is to have gluten-free nutrition. Although this is arguable whether or not gluten makes you fat or not or whether the gluten free food makes you slimmer. But this is a reality that in the process of going gluten free you avoid a lot of carbohydrate sources and end up eating fruits and veggies more (clean eating) which ultimately results in good calorie intake. Best exercises to get rid of lower body fat is uphill cycling and climbing stairs.

Lower Body Fat, Including Lower Legs

This body fat type strikes women more than man. The kind of body fat is common for women who have problems with vascular parts in their legs or during the pregnancy. The second reason is that the female hormones are designed to store fats in the lower parts of the body as compared to man where the target usually is either belly or upper body.

Too much sitting or even standing can bring this problem to us.

To get rid of this type of body fat, start moving more often. Give up on sitting and standing for longer durations. Even if you are working, just get up after every 30 minutes take a walk around the office, go to the water cooler or just talk to the person who is sitting in the other corner of the office. If you go shopping nearby and use a car, stop that. Go there walking. OK, let’s cut this short. If you want to get rid of this type of body fat, Walk, as more and often as you can.

Reduce the salt in your diet and move it out of your kidneys by drinking more water. One of a fun way of getting rid of this type of fat is lying down with your legs elevated. This way you don’t let the fluid to get accumulated in the legs.

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Lower Abdomen Fat

Nobody wants to see punchy tummy. The reason for this type of body fat is stress, depression, and anxiety. The villain behind this is the stress hormone cortisol which makes fat accumulating in the stomach.

So, to avoid the accumulation of the fat in our belly, the simple remedy is to stay as far away from stress or depression as possible. I know this is difficult but not impossible. You should start with the baby steps. Start with doing what you love that means your hobby, develop if you don’t have one. Meditation and yoga are other best things to incorporate into your routine. Reducing stress doesn’t only help in reducing body fat but also helps in overall healthy living.

As the remedy, for these types of body fat, you can also use green tea. The green tea is full of antioxidants, which can boost up your metabolism. Another excellent reason which is very surprising or better say unbelievable is that the green tea has an influence even while we are sleeping or resting.

A Bloated Stomach Or The Famous Beer Belly

As the name suggests, cause for this body fat storage is alcohol. Like cola alcohol doesn’t have any nutritional value either and all the extra calories that you consume in the form of alcohol end up piling up in the type of body fat around your stomach, AKA beer belly.

The alcohol leads to many diseases and decreases the amount of hormone leptin in your body which usually tells the body that you’ve eaten enough. This results in making us feel hungry. And you end up eating more. Over the years the beer stomach leaves as a mark of our boisterous and unhealthy life. We do not want that, right?

The secret to fix Beer belly:

Eat more often but in small proportion. In this way, we keep our stomach busier and losing more energy and calories for digestion. Like that your stomach will look smaller, and not so punchy. Also, know your limits when it comes to consuming alcohol. A calorie calculator as mentioned above will be a great help finding those limits.

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A Large Stomach With Upper Back Fat

Well, sleeping birds here comes your moment. The solution for this kind of fat is sleeping. The main reason for this body fat is inactivity. So if you remain seated in front of computers or just move around a bit, your body will store piles of fat around your stomach and back.

So the exercise is the gold way to get rid of this fat. But to this, we should add and healthy way of sleeping. Why did I say healthy way? Because the lack of sleep can cause hormone disorder which can bring up your desire to eat.

So after so much exercise, it would be nice to take a nap and rest yourself. I always liked this lite way of living, if you are asking me. Your diet needs to be diverse as well. You should enrich it with food which will bring more fiber like beans, peas, lettuce, broccoli, red meat, pistachio, walnut, nut, peanuts, raspberry and many more.

Wrapping Up

We see here, that different types of body fat ask for the different approach. But the main point of this story is that we should think about our way of life. Also, we need to arrange a balance between our diet and level of the activity.

Now, You think about that how you will get rich nutrition not with portions but with diversity.

In the process, you should believe in yourself and think what you need to do to accomplish this goal, not just thinking about how to start and give up on the first obstacle.

It’s never is too late to start. By including this kind of lifestyle in our daily routine, we become better persons. Not just that. We will start watching this world with a different perspective. We will live, and spend more time in nature, and with our friends. Finding out that Monday to start with your plan, which will never come, is not the just a way to deal with problems.

Remember, canceling will not bring the desired state. Also, you should reduce the stress on every matter, so the same case is here. The stressful situation is no solution for anything. Try to think about like some new game in your life. The game has a name working for a better me. I bet that this type of game will result from turning into a beautiful person. Play this game until you do not realize that it became a part of your way of living.