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11 Easy Weight Loss Tips For Busy Professionals [No-Exercise]

We all know that most of us want to be slim and fit. But before we even try we think of it as mission impossible. We have a picture of weight loss program in our mind that involves a lot of exercises and dieting and what not. Guess what! We are all lazy. Ok, not all but most of us are. I have seen a lot and lots of weight loss programs which are exactly like that.

Man, they are tough to follow. However, we should not fall into the deep and dark dejection just yet. As per my experience, everything needs a perfect progression. Weight loss program is not an exception. We shall always start with easy, and once we are comfortable with it, we shall progress towards more complicated stuff.

Because in our daily routine exists ways to shed those extra pounds with little to no effort, no diet and about the exercise we even can forget in these cases. And once you are comfortable with these ways you can certainly give a try to a complete weight loss program that may involve complicated stuff.

Yes, the sun is finally shining through our window. So, hold on as we take off.

1. Drinking Water At The Right Time

Probably this is what you heard over and over again; drink more water or that famous sentence; the water is life. But surely you never thought about how it can be excellent for your metabolism or your weight loss journey.

The timing is the primary factor to keep in mind here. The right way to do this is drinking one to two glasses of water thirty to forty minutes before every meal. This speeds up your metabolic process, and it will have a fresh start. Not to mention, that your stomach will be irrigated and fill out with the water preventing you from eating more. This hydration regimen will tame you and prevent from constantly invading the fridge.

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2. Replace Soda With Water.

According to Harvard School of Public Health, An average can of sugar-sweetened soda (Soft-Drink) or fruit punch provides about 150 calories, an equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. Having just one can of sugar-sweetened soda daily, without cutting calories on something else in your diet, can possibly increase your weight by 15 pounds in only one year. Water, on the other hand, is calorie free.

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3. Don’t Multi-Task While Eating

I understand, we live in a fast world, and we don’t have time for things. We multi-task and we have including eating in the list of multitasking. We grab a bite from the other hand, and at the same time, we either flip the TV channels or we just scroll through our phones. We shouldn’t be treating our food like this, instead, have the most of that moment. Fill up yourself with energy and relax. Recent studies show that this method does influence your food intake, and helps you taste the food more clearly, resulting eating less.

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4. Use Smaller Plates

Ok, so this is what I’ve successfully implemented with most of my clients who have a craving for food and are like food monsters. But the main rule with this is not to stick food vertically. Reducing the plate size leads to 30% reduction in amount food consumed.

5. Eat Slowly

This is a fact that you eat more when you eat fast, hence have more chances to gain weight. But today we are talking about weight loss. Also the science back up the fact that eating fast can hurt your weight loss journey.

Ok, at first it might look like a stupid fact, but this is science. For the most of the part, our diet and calory intake are regulated by hormones. Normally, our gut releases a few hormone after every meal naming {ghrelin, cholecystokinin (CCK), peptide YY (PYY) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1)}.

These hormones control hunger and relay a message to the brain, that you have eaten and all the nutrients have been absorbed. In return, your brain sends a signal of stop eating.

To achieve that you can include chopsticks. When you are using a chopstick, you eat more slowly, which helps you feel full with smaller bits.

If you are absolutely helpless in using it, use a spoon or your non-dominate hand.

Another approach to it can be chewing more.

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6. Sleep More And If Possible, In Cold

Here is some music to your ears, sleeping helps you lose weight too. So congratulation. The day finally comes. You now have a perfect excuse to stay in bed more since it is part of your diet plan.There are many reasons why sleeping more can help you lose some pounds.

a. The calculation is clear. If you sleep, you cannot eat.
b. A good night’s sleep has a good impact on keeping metabolism and maintains a level of ghrelin and lepton, hormones of hunger, under control.
c. Not sleeping just increase your appetite.
d. Your body burns between 50 and 100 calories an hour while you’re asleep.

Another thing is sleeping in the cold. Research from the American National Institute of Health says that sleeping with a room temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit helps your body get rid of fat because it burns calories to maintain its temperature of around 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The number of burned calories depends on a variety of factors. But researchers shows that 15 minutes of sleeping in the cold is equal to one hour of exercise.

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7. Add some fat burners

Pay attention now. You do not have to give up your usual food while you’re trying to get fit and lose some extra inches just by diversifying the menu with:

• Salmon
• Eggs
• Nuts
• Olive oil
• Hot peppers
• Green tea

Why specifically these ingredients?

They are natural metabolism boosters and fat burners.
If you add ingredients like avocado, ginger, apples and sweet potato act as natural appetite suppressants. Even the citrus and peppermint can reduce your appetite naturally. To be exact, the choice here is endless, just pick a product that you like and incorporate it into the daily menu.

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8. Forget Dieting or Prohibition

For a lot of people, dieting is the equivalent of constant prohibition.

OK, so this is like going against the herd. You’ve heard almost everyone saying that if you wish to lose weight, you’ll have to give up on cookies, chocolates, and sweets, etc. Don’t just entirely give up on those things. I have a weakness for sweets, and during my own weight loss journey, I did not stop eating sweets, but yes I consumed lesser amount.

Instead of 3-4 (cookies or whatever) I consumed only 1 and tried to consume them in the morning time so that I have enough time to burn those calories. Just do not forget that moderation is essential here. If you have eaten several cupcakes, get ready to do some extra work just to stay in shape.

The strict not eating is not good either as they cause stress and, as a result, the higher level of harmful hormones. A study shows that the scent and taste of the dark chocolate reduce your appetite.

Another great advice is to eat at regular intervals (every 3-4 hours) and avoid being hungry for longer periods. This helps in two ways:

a. It keeps your metabolic rate high and this way you burn more calories than usual.
b. If you stay hungry for a more extended period, there are chances that you overeat and ruin all the efforts that you’ve put in so far. At the same time if you don’t provide required nutrition to your body then you do more bad than good.

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9. Brush your teeth

It might sound weird of sort out of the blue, but this trick should not be hard for you since you do it twice a day already. Just do a small change, start brushing your teeth after every meal. One reason for this is, the food does not taste very well if you have a minty flavor of your month. Another reason is that we are too lazy to brush our teeth after every meal, so this habit will not make you eat less but also leave you with perfectly white teeth.

10. Stop Your Boredom Eating Habit

Now, what the heck is boredom eating?

You are bored in front of the TV watching some random show or movie, walk into the kitchen, realizing you are not even hungry but continue to find something to munch on just for the heck of it. I know I’m a guilty of it too, in fact, we all are. Eating of boredom is not just a habit but one that contributes to poor health.

It is quite challenging to get rid of this habit, I know I’ve been there. The key is to modify or change the items that you munch on. Instead of chips or buttered popcorns, you can use carrots and hummus, Nuts or even chew a gum or drink water which is entirely calory free. Another way to get rid of this habit is by diverting your mind by switching activities like instead of watching a boring television show you can read your favorite book.

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11. Laugh Often For Weight Loss

Laugh makes everything better and brighter, and as it turns out, it also makes you lose weight. According to the study published in the international journal of obesity, when we laugh our energy expenditure increases by up to 20% compared to when we are resting. Besides, it works out your abdominal muscles. If you feel that your stomach hurts so much, that is precisely it. Fifteen minutes of laughing can burn about ten to forty calories depending on your weight and how hard you laugh. So now choose your favorite comedy show, turn on and start exercising.

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Wrapping Up

So these were our eleven ways of losing the weight, keeping your body fit and slim.

Although all the points we’ve mentioned above can be easily incorporated into our day-to-day life. But we understand that following all the points discussed above may be difficult at first, however. Even if you follow one point, you’re making progress toward your goals and healthy living.

Remember looking the life from the bright side and keeping a smile on your face makes your life easier and happier. Keep thinking about how life is not honest with you for getting that extra kilo is not just the right way to do it. In that way you just make your stress higher, which means less sleeping, increasing bad hormones and more kilos. Anyway, if you sleep less, the effects that you have an older and tired look and the beauty needs to be preserved.

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