Pseudo Planche Pushup

Pseudo Planche Pushup- Should You Do It?

Pseudo planche pushup is a tough variant of regular pushups. It is an intense exercise that helps to increase the pushing strength and provides a powerful core.

This exercise also helps you to improve climb up strength, enhances the ability to perform shoulder and handstand push ups and is an actual progression to build up the planche strength.

You might have probably seen different gymnast and martial artists perform this bodyweight exercise in their routine.

In a full planche pushup, you are required to maintain the entire body weight with your hands. The legs basically are extended in the air right behind you. The up and down movement of the body is solely carried by bending your elbows, meaning the entire body weight is on be loaded on your palms.

Pseudo planche push up is a great technique and routine to achieve the full planche pushups. So if you like challenges and think to possess immense strength in the core – this exercise is certainly for you.

Pseudo Planche Pushup – A progression towards Full planche push up

In pseudo planche push up, the body needs to be in the same position as that in a full planche push-up exercise. The only difference is that your toes remain grounded on the floor mat.

Doing this, the body gets used to leveraging the weight properly, which eventually progresses you to the planche push-up.

Even after performing the pseudo version of planche push-ups, many people find it difficult to progress to the planche push-up.

Pseudo Planche Pushup
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However, pseudo planche remains an impressive exercise to conquer with a lot of benefits, regardless, whether you’re successful in progressing towards the full planche push-up.

How to do Pseudo Planche Pushup?

A rather difficult version of regular push-ups, pseudo planche pushup requires a lot of inner and muscular strength from the outset.

It is recommended not to include the planche push-ups in your fitness routine until you’re able to perform at least 50-100 reps of regular push-ups in quick time.

Or you can attempt the easier version of the exercise which will be discussed later in this article.

However, following are the steps in performing the pseudo planche push-ups.

1. Get on the floor mat with your legs extended behind the upper body. Push your hands to the ground alongside your stomach. And tuck your toes into the ground.

2. The elbows should be pressed against the ribs, and the fingers must be pointing in the forward direction, or away from the trunk.

3. The hands and toes must entirely support your body weight. Now squeeze the thighs and tighten your abdominal muscles to remain in a straight line.

4. Press the elbow to push up and down. Now you will feel the entire body weight moving in the shoulders and chest. It is essential to keep your ab muscle rigid to prevent the hips from falling down.

The exercise might leave you dehydrated rather quickly. So it is a good idea to hydrate yourself before performing the exercise. Breathing in and out will also help you to keep the energy levels high.

Muscles Pseudo Planche Pushup Works on
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Should you do Pseudo Planche Pushup?

To perform this intense calisthenics exercise, you are required to have a lot of abdominal strength. For a beginner level, it might be a little too difficult to perform it correctly. It is recommended to build the core strength and then try the pseudo planche pushup.

If you are initially having trouble maintaining the form, get your hands closer to the shoulder level and work it down as you build strength.

Beginners can start with the regular push-ups, and keep progressing till you’re able to perform 70-100 reps in quick succession. Once you have achieved that, you know that you are ready to try the pseudo planche pushup.

For intermediate level, you can perform the exercise 8-10 reps for 2-3 sets, three days a week. Gradually increase the reps and sets. And when you feel that your body isn’t falling anymore, you can increase the intensity a little more.

You can even try to move ahead and attempt the full planche push-ups, after a while.

For advanced level athletes, who feel they are ready to progress towards the full planche pushup, can perform the pseudo variation with a little-added load. You can even try to push the legs against the wall in the air, and see if the body remains stable during the workout.

Focusing on Shoulders

This calisthenics workout mainly focuses on the training the shoulders and building strength in it. When you push yourself down, you’re retracting the scapulae which should be kept depressed over the full motion of the body.

The intensity of the exercise can be varied based on the position of your shoulders. You can try to lean the shoulders as far possible in the forward direction.

The more, the better. But it isn’t that easy. So keep increasing the length gradually.

If you want to keep the exercise less stressful, just lean a little less forward. You can even try to exercise the pseudo pushup using the pushup handles to make it less intensive.

Precautions While Performing Pseudo Planche Pushup
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Other Muscles Pseudo Planche Pushup Works on

The pseudo planche pushup put a lot of stress on the biceps, chest, and deltoids. It will provide immense strength to the abdominal muscles and will improve the core overall. It also activates the triceps and the shoulders.

Basically, the entire upper body muscles get involved during the pseudo planche push-ups, provided that the body is maintained in good shape.

Precautions While Performing Pseudo Planche Pushup

1. Don’t try the pseudo planche variation until you have the required core strength. You must be able to perform at least 70 – 100 reps of regular push-ups, to be even considered for this style.

2. Before doing the full-blooded planche pushup, it is always beneficial to work out the pseudo version of it. It will not only give you the feel of planche pushup but also provide the strength and technique required for it.

3. Don’t rush into it. If you are not able to manage the body weight and its stability, break out. The set has ended. Compose yourself and then perform it again. Maintaining the shape and form is the key to success for this exercise.

4. Keep yourself hydrated all the time. This exercise can get you dehydrated rather quickly, dropping your energy levels.

5. If you’re finding it difficult to perform the pseudo planche push-ups, try bringing the hands closer to the level of shoulders.

When should you do Pseudo Planche Pushup

As discussed, this variation of the pushup requires immense strength and stamina. And your stamina levels are most probably higher at the start of the workout routine. So the best time to exercise this style is immediately after warming up.

Get the body activated and perform a couple of sets with 7 – 8 reps initially.

You can also incorporate additional sets in the middle or at the back end of your exercise routine. Just keep yourself hydrated.

In the later stage of the routine, you can try to gradually increase the reps and see if your body can still maintain the proper form.

Challenge Yourself With Pseudo Planche Pushup

Upper body strength and control on the core is a must for pseudo planche pushup. If you have achieved this, and are ready to progress ahead towards the full planche pushup, try these variation out.

1. Increase a little weight on your lower back and try to maintain the stability with a good form.

2. Rather than pushing your toes into the ground, push it against the wall as a support system. Get your legs shoulder high, and then attempt the pushup. It will progress you towards the full planche push-up.

3. Try tucked planche and straddle planche to build further shoulder strength.

Try these two variations, and build the necessary core strength required, in becoming a fitness fanatic.

Wrapping Up

This variation of the standard pushup is a great way to build up the core while working towards the tougher planche push up. The pseudo push-up is a good exercise that strengthens your shoulder and chest.

It improves the climb up strength while impacting your ability to perform the handstand and shoulder stand abilities.

It is extremely important to maintain a good form while performing this exercise. If you don’t take care of the form, it doesn’t matter how many reps and sets you perform daily.

To reap out maximum benefits from the pseudo planche exercise, do it exactly the way described above. Don’t rush yourself into it. Do slowly and carefully. Otherwise, it will do more harm than good.

Take your time and gradually increase the reps. Include variations like tuck planche and straddle as the planche progression. And in some time, you will be ready for the full planche push-up.

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