Corkscrew Pushup

Corkscrew Pushup – Let’s Burn That Extra Fat

A pushup is a humble exercise and by far the perfect exercise for your body. Adding pushup to your fitness routine can have enormous benefits. You not only promote muscle growth in your shoulders, triceps and chest but if pushups are executed accurately with the spine alignment, it can also help you to improve strength and endurance in your body.

The pushup is one of those exercises that can help you prevent injury and can even make your body less prone to injury. In other words, pushups can protect your body from injuries.

There is an endless number of push-up variations available, which can assist you to train your body from different angles as compared to the previous variation you tried. One such variation of regular pushup is corkscrew pushup.

It is known to have its origin from the United States of America and has become popular in the recent past.

Master the Art of Corkscrew Pushup
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With fitness fanatics focused on training their body in different ways, they are always on a lookout to add variation in their routine. Practically a full body workout, which can be highly effective, if added to your fitness routine.

Corkscrew Pushup

The corkscrew pushup goes beyond the typical engagement than what regular pushups have to offer. This variation not only works on the entire upper body muscle group but also includes the calves, core and quads.

It is a challenging pushup variation that requires a lot of practice, endurance and patience to be perfected.

The killer pushup style, activates the whole body and upper body muscles, just like when you do a regular pushup style. This exercise can be highly exhausting, thus making it important for you, to keep yourself hydrated.

In this post, we will discuss the technique involved in mastering the art of corkscrew pushup, muscles group that this exercise works, the benefits of the corkscrew pushup, breathing patter involved in this exercise, the level of difficulty and its comparison to other pushup variations.

Corkscrew Pushup technique
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How to Master the Art of Corkscrew Pushup?

Body Posture

Before going ahead and discussing the technique involved in a corkscrew pushup, let us see the body positioning involved in this variation of the exercise. Following are the step to allow yourself to maintain and form the correct body position.

1. Start by getting into the regular pushup position. This position is often referred to as the high plank position.

2. Next, walk your feet a little towards the hands, such that your knees are bent roughly at a 90-degree angle.

3. Also, make sure that the hips are positioned a little higher than the position of your head. Do not flare your back during the motion.

Now you must be in the correct form to perform a successful set of a corkscrew push. Doing the set in this position will allow you to gain all the benefits that this style of pushup has to offer.


Once you have the correct positioning of the body, technique comes next. Positioning and technique must go hand in hand, to be able to perform the correct set of movements. Following are the step involved in executing corkscrew pushup correctly.

1. The body movement involved in this variation is where things get a little tricky. As you bend your elbows, lower the left side of the body close to the floor, by rotating the side of your body.

2. This rotation or the motion of the body is known as corkscrew motion. Try to hold the body in the same position for a second or two.

3. Now rotate the body on the other side of the floor and again maintain the position for a few seconds, before returning back to the starting position.

4. This set of movement complete one repetition. Perform as many reps as possible with the correct form and technique.

You won’t be able to perform a large numbers of reps at first. Though keep increasing the number with an extra set that you perform gradually.

Ensure that your feet do not touch the floor during the corkscrew motion. Since the rotation is sideways and your legs are close with the hands, it becomes quite a possibility.

So avoid your legs getting in touch with the floor for proper execution of the movements. This will allow the body to get more flexible and achieve better balancing skills.

The movements involved in this exercise can be strenuous, but the body gets adapted to it, with more and more practice.

Breathing Pattern Involved in Corkscrew Pushup

As discussed in many another post, breathing plays a crucial part and is one of the key ingredients in achieving success, during workout sessions.

In corkscrew pushup, breathe in as you lower your body down to the floor and breathe out when you rotate the body sideways each side.

Muscle Group it Works on?

The Corkscrew pushup variation works on the lower body and upper body at the same time. It works on the legs, arms and abdominal muscles together. It is a full body workout that increases the flexibility in your hip flexors and hamstrings.

In addition to the chest muscles, shoulders and triceps, corkscrew pushup also pulls in the muscles of quads, core and calves. Thus making it a full body workout routine.

Since this exercise helps to attain better flexibility and balance abilities, it can prove to be really handy during the old age, and will certainly make the body less prone to injuries.

Benefits of Corkscrew Push up

By adding this variation of the exercise in your fitness routine, you allow yourself to burn the unwanted fat quickly and ultimately helping you to tone your body shape.

Because of the rotating motion involved in the exercise, it increases the flexibility in your hip flexors and hamstrings. It also tones your cardiovascular system by delivering oxygen-rich blood tissues to different muscle group.

At the same time, it builds endurance in the body and enhances body posture by building strong muscle group.

Sets and Reps

This variation of the exercise is strictly for intermediate to advanced level fitness fanatics. It is not advisable for beginners to try it and must start with another basic version of a pushup, which can be useful in building the necessary core muscles strength required to perform a corkscrew pushup.

For intermediate level, try and see if you can perform at least 2 – 3 sets of 8 – 12 repetitions. If you cannot, start as low as possible, but try to increase the number gradually with each set.

For advanced level athletes, perform a minimum of 3 – 4 sets of 12 – 16 repetitions. You can impede the difficulty level by adding weight to your waist.

You can also move down the other difficult variation of a pushup, like a staggered pushup, which also requires going down to the sideways motion, where you are required to slide your legs underneath your body.

Corkscrew Pushup vs. Other Pushup Variation

Corkscrew push up can be an intimidating pushup variation, which requires a lot of core strength and body balance, as compared to another basic version of a pushup, like a regular or standard pushup.

This variation of the exercise offers a complete body training, which is not the case with many other pushup variations. There are so many pushups, which only offers upper body workout. However, this is not the case with a corkscrew motion.

To be able to do this exercise successfully one needs to have a lot of patience, strength and determination. Only attempt this exercise, if you are able to complete 50 reps of the regular pushup, without breaking a sweat.

Until then, keep working on, to build the strength and stamina required to pull off this great variation of pushups.

Wrapping Up

The pushup is as effective an exercise like anyone out there in the fitness market. The one thing that makes it so damn favorable among fitness fanatics is that it can be virtually performed anywhere and without the need for any equipment. It is because of this reason, and it has gained so much popularity over the years.

The corkscrew push up is one amongst the many effective variations that pushup has to offer. This variation of the pushup is known to have its roots originated from the United States of America.

This bodyweight exercise is extremely effective to gain full body strength and endurance. Read our guide and master the art of corkscrew motion to attain better flexibility in your body.

And if you still have any question and queries about corkscrew, drop a message in the segment below and our team will be more than happy to assist you, in your quest to attain better fitness.

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