Alligator walking pushup

Alligator Walking Pushup – A Must Try Exercise

The pushup is one such exercise that will top the list of any of popular exercise, and it is for a good reason. This exercise is considered to be one of the best compound and full body exercise, which you can perform. And it works on nearly every muscle in your body.

Besides the strength and stability benefits that it has to offer, the pushup is also known to increase your testosterone level, which ensures more muscle building and lesser risk of osteoporosis.

Both men and women can benefit a lot from performing and including pushup in their full body workout routine.

Alligator Walking Pushup
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Yes, push-up can seem to be male-oriented, but there is no study that says that the male counterpart cannot perform a difficult variation of a pushup. To perform this difficult variation of the standard pushup, one needs to have amazing core strength and incredible flexibility in the body.

Among the many effective variations of the regular push up , one such variation is an Alligator walking pushup or alligator crawl. This variation takes the traditional pushup to the next level and turns the exercise into a core and cardio training, at the same time.

Alligator Walking Pushup

Alligator walk pushup is a full body powerful move that focusses on the chest and arms, and at the same time also strengthens the core and give cardio training as well. Once you can do this exercise successfully, you are giving yourself a chance to attain exceptional upper body strength.

Though make sure you have mastered the art of regular pushup, before adding the walking motion to it. The body produces better results when you keep it guessing by involving a newer set of movements.

The growth in the body tends to saturate when you process it with the same set of motion over and over again.

In this post, we will discuss the technique involved in mastering the art of Alligator walking pushup, the breathing pattern involved in it, the muscle group this exercise works on, the benefits of Alligator walking pushup, some tips to get you more better at it, who and how much should it be done and some variations of it.

How to Master the Art of Alligator Walking Pushup?

Time and again it has been said that, in order for you to be able to attain entire benefit that an exercise has to offer, it must be done with the correct set of movement and with right body form. Alligator Walking pushup is no different.

Proper Body Posture

Following are the step which will allow you to understand and attain the right form for the exercise.

1. Start by positioning your hands on the floor, with a fist distance apart. Stretch out the legs fully, behind your back.

2. Now you must be in the high plank position and ensure that you involve your core by getting it engaged during the movements.

3. Maintain a straight line from head to heels, and this will be your starting position to perform the Alligator walking pushup.

Alligator walking pushup
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Proper Technique and Range Of Motion

Once you have the correct form, next comes the technique. Following is a step by step guide to perform the Alligator walking pushup correctly. This push-up style is difficult, so be proud once you ace the following set of movement.

1. Start the exercise by getting your right hand and foot in the forward direction and about 6 inches.

2. Now drop into a pushup, until your chest almost kisses the floor. Do not touch the floor, just hold it a little above the surface.

3. From that position, explode back up in the starting position and now bring the left hand and foot in the forward direction.

4. Do the above step in one motion and then again drop down into a pushup style, to explode back in the starting position.

5. This completes one repetition. Do as many reps as possible, but do it with the correct technique and form.

Remember, this exercise will increase your heart rate. As you move your upper body along the ground, you are adding a cardio training to the movement. This increases the intensity level of the exercise.

Breathing Pattern Involved in Alligator Walking Push-up

Be sure to breathe properly and take deep throughout the entire set of movements. Breathe in as you move along the ground and breathe out as you explode yourself back to the starting position. This will help you to do the exercise with relative ease and will put less strain on the core muscle.

Muscle Group Alligator Pushup Works on

This variation of the exercise works on the entire upper body and at the same time involves cardio training as well. The primary muscle that this exercise works on is the chest, shoulder, and core.

It enhances the strength of the core incredibly and increases the flexibility in your hip flexor muscles.

The secondary muscles that this exercise works on are the triceps and middle back. Do not do this exercise, unless you can pull off 40 reps of regular pushup without breaking a sweat. Alligator Walking pushup is not easy to attempt for beginners.

alligator pushup
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Benefits of Alligator Walking Pushup

Following are the few benefits that Alligator walking pushup has to offer and something that we thought you should know.

1. The movement required in pushup activates the entire body which enhances the overall functional strength.

2. It improves your cardiovascular system by making your heart to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to numerous muscle tissues.

3. It prevents rotator cuff injury. The regular pushup is known to be the most efficient way to prevent shoulder joints from getting injured. Especially in adults.

4. Alligator Walking pushup or any other pushups for that matter of fact involves no operational cost. This workout can be done anywhere and anytime, without the need for any expensive equipment. There is no need for you to get those over an expensive gym membership.

5. This exercise is again a great way to burn some unwanted fat and get your body toned up to look even slimmer.

Tips to get better

Following are the things that you must take care of while performing a set of Alligator walking push up.

1. Do not sag your hip down and lower the body until your chest is off the ground. Ensure that the body is in line and not flaring out during the motion.

2. Do the entire exercise in rhythm. It is important to move swiftly from one movement to other in single motion.

3. Lastly, be sure to breathe properly by taking deep breathes continuously during the execution of the exercise.

Adding Modification to Alligator Walking Push up

One way to modify the exercise if it is too hard to perform is by getting on the knee and do it with knee position. It makes the exercise relatively easy. Once you get used to the body motion, try doing the exercise in the normal position.

Another way to modify the exercise is by staying in one spot and placing a medicine ball underneath one hand. After you perform the pushup, switch the ball to the other hand.

And if you want to make this exercise completely insane, ask your partner to hold your high up in the air and performing the exercise, as you would do in a normal case scenario. Another way o make it difficult is by adding weight using a weight jacket.

Who should do it and how much should be done?

The difficulty level and intensity of this exercise is much higher and is not suitable for beginner level people. Beginners must try to perfect the regular pushup and few another basic pushup, before attempting Alligator pushup.

For intermediate level, do 2 – 3 set of 7 – 8 repetitions. Do not do this exercise daily, do it once or twice in a week. If you feel any discomfort in your shoulder or back, immediately stop doing the exercise.

For advanced level athletes, do 3 – 5 sets of 10 – 12 reps, and keep increasing the intensity of the exercise, once you start developing a good rhythm in the body. You can try any variation described above.

Wrapping Up

The pushup is a fun exercise and with so many variations to try out, you can never get bored with your fitness routine. Try incorporating new variation and keep your body trained from different angles and motions.

Pushup has been quite popular in the past, and they still remain to be on the top of the list for most fitness fanatics and beasts. Alligator pushup is another fantastic variation that helps to train your body in the different and unique way. Incorporate this cool move in your pushup list and get better along with it, each day.

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